2023 Sep 24 - Russel Brand

The welsh government is going to introduce a mandatory 20mph speed limit, in response Chris Rea is release an updated version of one of his songs "Driving Home For Easter"

With all the strong winds I'm quite concerned about the caravan in my garden, because it wasn't there a few days ago.

Rupert Murdoch finally announced his retirement this week after a career lasting over 70 years. Highlights include the eradication of good UK government, the wholesale destruction of US bipartisanship, getting Sky Television to make sure there was no football or cricket on normal tv, and that time in the 80s he thought he'd bought the publishing rights to hitlers diaries. He was recently and briefly married to Jerry Hall though it makes you wonder if he thought Jerry Hall was a hall that the gerries kept those diaries in.

Russel Brand turned out to have been a bit dubious, who would have thought it? I've got neighbour whose dog acts like that, trying to get on anything that moves: it's a Jack Russel Brand. He's also facing second degree charges for crimes against comedy and acting. A number of people have come to his defence mind and said they'll stand by him, although that's largely because it's far safer than lying down. Apparently he was into swinging and £50 says that by the end of next month it will be from a tree at the end his garden by. If I were his lawyer I'd recommend calling all his accusers transphobic, that seems to get you out of trouble these days. Like how some said that that Lucy Letby was an incel. Wait, no, I misread that, she's "In a cell"
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