2023 Sep 17 - Joe & Hunter Biden

The government have announced that they are going to ban pet owners from importing Bully XL Dogs from America. If anyone's interested in getting one before the ban, I have a friend who's selling one, the advert says it loves kids, especially big juice fat ones.

Tony Blair made a statement about junk food and how it should be priced so the poor can't buy it. Making food expensive for the poor makes about as much sense as appointing someone like him a Middle East peace envoy.

This week's main news story was the slow train wreck that is Joe Biden and his son Hunter. For the last 6 years it was Donald Trump that the American left guaranteed and repeatedly failed to impeach and jail. But this week two major events happened [1] Trump's court case got pushed to 2024, possibly concluding long after next year's election [2] Biden's son will be facing a court case for illegal gun possession, illegal drug possession and a crime that the US views far more seriously, the illegal possession of lots of money he didn't pay taxes on.

Biden and cronies have spent the last 2 years prepping for him to run for a 2nd time although I know someone who was at a rally back in 2020 and Biden said on stage about he was going to be reelected to the senate, he didn't know where he was or what was going on, he clearly has significant cognitive issues and the only reason he's even in the white house is because he didn't marry Bill Clinton or Kill Epstein. There was a story a while back about him making a surprise visit to Ukraine but in all honesty a trip to the fridge would probably come as a surprise on a day to day basis. In the last month or two alone he's claimed to have spent 4 years teaching at the university of Pennsylvania which he didn't, that Russia had invaded Iraq, that there were 54 states in the union and that Nancy Pelosi had been in office during the great depression. There's a joke where Joe Biden walks into a bar and sees a young pretty lady sitting alone at a table, he walks up to her and asks "Hey there, do I come here often?"

In any normal situation he would be in a nursing home with proper medical care; this would all be deeply upsetting were it not for the fact that he and his entire family are a gang of professional grifters who all deserve to be in jail. If his supporters say that only he can save democracy then they only way that is true would be if resigned and called for an open and fair election rather than using cronies to threaten people. The Hunter Biden legal case is genuinely quite astonishing, the government set up with a plea bargain where he would be completely exonerated for not only existing, but also future prosecutions, until a judge spotted the small-print. He now faces years of actual prosecution and eye-watering legal bills, and this time he can't even pay for it all with embezzled corporate funds or money from the Chinese government, y'know the things he's on trial for doing.

Perhaps this is all just part of a grand plan though, force Joe to issue a presidential pardon for everyone and thus resign in disgrace rather than making 2024 election be one that takes place almost exclusively in court rooms. I mean in the days of the founding fathers the town court house was a centre point of the community but it's not because Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson were facing charges for something. At least not by the American legal system, I'm sure King George felt differently about the whole treason stuff. I mean Donald Trump maybe did some shady business deals in New York but he never took over the city by raising an army and calling finders keepers.

Maybe I should finish with a joke, but then I thought that in honour of president Biden, I forgot the punchline.
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