2023 Jul 22 - News Summary

Tony Bennett died this week at the age of 96. It doesn't seem to give a cause of death although I'd head Crooner-virus suggested.

The Huw Edwards story seems to have fallen off the radar and yet he is still claiming a salary. If makes me wonder whether we've finally reached the point where bringing the BBC into disrepute is no longer achievable.

Vladimir Putin canceled a trip to South Africa after threats that he would be arrested for war crimes. I was looking at various photos on the web, and between Ukraine and UK Rain I'm not sure which is more depressing.

And talking of jailtime, I see that Ghislaine Maxwell was in the news, apparently her fellow prisoners gave her the nickname of Cruella de Vil. It seems a bit lazy to be honest because if I was going to name her after the villain from a kids' story I'd go with the Child Catcher.

There were 3 elections this week and the Conservatives lost Somerton and Selby, but retained Uxbridge. For weeks we were told that Labour would win that one because Boris Johnson is so hated by the public, yet the complete opposite seems to have been true. It seems that the tale of Boris's lockdown party really was Shakespearian, in that it was Much Ado About Nothing. It also seems that Boris' phone is not password secured and that he handed over the complete tranche of underrated messages to the Covid Inquiry. I actually had my own password issues this week after I went to set a new lock-screen password. I tried the word "fortnight" but it said it was too week

There's a story here about that post office scandal where an IT system led to hundreds of people losing their job and being wrongly investigated by the police. There's a quote here from one person saying "I lost absolutely everything" although I always assumed that was a requirement to get a job at the post office in the first place.
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