2023 Jul 15 - Guess Huw

Interesting developments this week as the News at 10 turned into the No Huws at 10, before Hugh Edwards was back on the news but more as a story than a presenter. He was of course until quite recently a well respected news figure at the BBC, just recently leading the reporting on the death and funeral of Queen Elizabeth, but this week the only thing that died was his career after it turned out he'd been paying 10s of thousands of pounds for explicit photographs from a 17 year old. Photographs that he presumable saved in a folder titled "Nudes at 10"

Personally, I found the more interesting part of the story the speculation as for days nobody knew which "well known" BBC celebrity it was. There was suspense, intrigue, drama, mystery and exciting plot twists which is surprising given that it was the BBC. I was waiting to see if they'd made a new episode of "Who do you think you are" but called "Who do you think it is?" and in the end most of us were just disappointed it wasn't Garry Lineker. I was disappointed not to get on the radio because I wanted to call and request that they played "The Power of Love" by Huwy Edwards and the News but as things stand it's all gone quiet now, as he lurks in a hospital claiming to be depressed, although I would be to if I'd just lost a job paying half a million per year.

Anyway, what else was in the news? Well the teaching union called an end to strikes in England and Wales, mostly because it's July so the kids are off anyway. There was a twist in the Boris Johnson's phone story after he claimed he couldn't hand over WhatsApp messages because he's forgotten the iPhone lock-screen password. A common way to remember it is to have it be something memorable like one of your kids' birthdays but it's not like that would have helped Boris. And finally, the coroner released a report about how Lisa Marie Presley died of a bowel obstruction. I'm guessing then that the last thing she said to her doctor was "A little less constipation a little more action please..."
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