2023 Jun 18 - Boris

Silvio Berlusconi passed away at the the age of 86. I saw a notice saying "Rest in Peace" and certainly the families of young Italian girls can now rest easy.

Ted Kaczynski also passed away, he was the Unabomber who killed and injured dozens of people before being arrested in the 90s. There's not expected to be many people at the funeral because invitations have been posted out but people are understandably worried about opening the packages.

Nicola Sturgeon still reeling from her visit from the police, leaving Humza Yousaf as the only SNP first minister to have not been arrested. There's no punchline there, it's just both hilarious and astonishing.

But of course the main story this week has been the ongoing saga surrounding Boris Johnson. I'm recording this on Father's Day and Boris is one of the few fathers who can teach his youngest kid numeracy by counting up all the fathers day cards. He was forced to step down as an MP so he could spent more time cheating on his family but much has been said about the hypocrisy of the whole situation. Kier Starmer had a beers+colleagues get-together but nothing's been said about that for months. Then it turned out that Bernard Jenkin, a prominent member of the Privileges Committee that took down Boris had been at an illegal drinks party in Westminster in December 2020, when London was in 'Tier 2' lockdown. It's quite a club he joins: Catherine Calderwood, Dominic Cummings, Neil Ferguson, Margaret Ferrier, Matt Hancock and don't forget about people who were responsible for reporting on that lockdown: people like Kay Burley and Beth Rigby. Maybe they should all hang out and have drinks next time a pandemic happens.

Supposedly Boris' case is different because what he did that was really wrong was that he "misled parliament" How is that a thing now, he's a politician, it's what they do. He's surely more likely to mislead people if he told the truth and people assumed he was lying. Think back 20 years to when Tony Blair and the whole cabinet went on about weapons of mass destruction, with the exception of a few people like Robin Cook who resigned over the issue. Peter Mandleson was sacked 3 times back then, misleading parliament was one of the few things he was actually good at.

As I said though, the facts matter less than the agenda, getting rid of Boris with the hope that they can maybe eventually convince the public to rejoin the EU. Whatever he did was bad and when Labour did the same it was ok or didn't matter. It's the same sort of like the hypocrisy that labour have around climate change where no matter what the government policy is, it's either wrong or not extreme enough. I mean the Tories already did their best by closing all the coal mines, given them some slack.
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