2023 Apr 30 - News Summary

Another US bank is on the verge of collapse, this time it's First Republic Bank and here's a joke for you Q: What do dubious woke financial institutions have in common with the Eiffel Tower? A: They're both Paris Sites

Only a week to go until the coronation and the household cavalry are practicing a new ceremonial duty. In preparation of Prince Harry possibly showing up they're preparing for the changing of the locks

I heard that a member of the royal family had died, turns out it was the TV show the Royale Family, it was Peter Marin who played Joe

Jerry Springer passed away and I'm imagining the funeral director asking whether the family will want a graveyard or a crematorium as the family fist-pump the air chanting Bury Bury Bury

Two members of the labour party walk into a bar and the barman asks why the long face? And they say it's because Dianne Abbot was talking to the media again. The MP claimed that Jewish people have never experienced This begs the question about whether she knows about how many people were killed during the holocaust, to which the answer is "no" because she's famously unable to count

Sotheby's is going to be auctioning off £7m of Freddie Mercury's personal belongings, if the auctioneer is looking for material, there's probably a joke in there about the Queen song Hammer To Fall
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