2023 Apr 16 - The SNP & Bud Light

It's 4 years since the fire at Notre Dame. The police still don't know who started it although they have a hunch

Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a video of him filling in potholes. That's fairly physically demanding work at his age, I imagine that afterwards he said "Ahh...me back!"

There's also been more revelations about the SNP and the seized Campervan. This was the £100k motorhome seized from Peter Murrell's mother, the SNP claim they purchased it to use as a battle bus and that she was just looking after it for a bit. It's pretty much the same as that running joke in Father Ted where he repeatedly claims that stolen money was just resting in his account. Typically when I think of Scottish people with criminal records it would be Sheena Easton or maybe Lulu with that Eurovision song. But now it turns out that the auditors have quit, they can't get their accounts signed off and there's a fairly solid chance the party won't be able to claim any short money funding from Westminster next year. All while Humza Yousaf watches on, a good indication of how useless he is would be that he was almost certainly aware what was going on with the money and still thought he'd like to be leader of the party when it all went south, supposedly tens of thousands of party members have quite in the last couple weeks and Alex Salmond is probably laughing harder than the time he got to go back stage and meet Billy Connely.

The next domino to fall for the SNP is likely to be the transgender woke policies and for a sign of things to come it's worth looking to America. This week the brewer Anheuser-Busch lost $6bn after a consumer backlash against a new marketing campaign that saw cans of Bud Lite feature Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender activist. This is a blue collar beer, popular at BBQs and Football games, being fronted by a young man who spent the last 2 years identifying as a girl and making tic-tok videos about it. The only possible cultural similarity is that Bud Lite is dishwater that self-identifies as a premium lager. The company saw beer sales collapse after a consumer boycott combined by people not wanting to be seen with rainbow-branded cans that they them a participant, willing or otherwise, in that culture war. A lot of people just want a beer, not politics. In response the company put out a statement about how the marketing manager who imposed the campaign just wanted the company to be inclusive. The truth is that they likely just did it for bragging rights amongst their liberal social circle with no comprehension of how wildly unpopular the campaign would be with normal people. Which brings things just about full circle with the SNP.
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