2023 Feb 26 - SNP Leadership Race

Shamima Begum lost her latest court challenge to regain a British passport. Some of defenders have gone to far as to say she contemplated suicide, to which the rest pointed out that we knew that, because she showed everyone the vest and explosives on a youtube video 5 years ago

Roald Dahl was in the news after the publishing company played the oldest scam in the book by cancelling his original books, waiting for tens of thousands of existing books to fly off the shelf, before reversing their decision. It would be a tragedy if words like stupid or dwarf are going to be banned, because I was looking forward to buying a biography on John Bercow

Joe Biden paid a surprise visit to Ukraine. Although given his ongoing cognitive decline, everything comes as a surprise to him these days.

Ed Sheeran has released a hot sauce. Just be glad it's that and he's not released a new song.

For now the race for head of the SNP continues and this week saw 3 runners and riders:

Kate Forbes is the current finance minister although she's been attacked by many of Nicola's friends, a lot, for being religious and opposing the worst machinations of the transgender movement. But the policy that they really dislike is her desire to have a major reshuffle after she wins which would see lots of people lose their cushy £100k salary and expense accounts.

The favourite to get the job is Humza Yousaf who is also notable in being a great example of SNP hypocrisy at play. Forbes is attacked for being a Christian but Yousaf is a Muslim so he has so far being given a free pass when it comes to these same issues. He skipped out on the debate and vote on gay marriage because the Mosque told him not to support it.

But to spice up the entertainment, there's also Ash Regan whose main policy seams to be that she'd just declare Scottish independence, without even bothering with a referendum. Just like me self-declaring to be the King of Mars or any of these candidates declaring that they'll win the next election. The idea of not holding a public vote on the issue is an almost childishly naive idea one if it weren't vaguely dangerous. It certainly doesn't have any detail about what would happen if a chunk of the country simply refused to go along with it and Union flags remained flying in Inverness, Shetland declaring itself part of Norway, asking London to intervene and refusing to ship fuel south of Perth. On the other hand, perhaps the idea of not holding a vote is just a reflection that the SNP are finally maturing and finally realising that they're flogging a dead horse and voters will never vote for it. If we've learnt anything in the last 10 years it's that politicians holding a binding referendum to rubber stamp something generally works about as well as trying to baptise a cat. I'm not sure where Kate Forbes stands on animal baptisms.
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