2023 Feb 19 - Nicola Sturgeon's Gone

Is it a bird is it a plane, is it a UFO or a Chinese spy balloon? Nope, it turns out it was a $100 project by the local Bottlecaps Balloon Brigade. The $100 balloons were shot down by Sidewinder Missiles that cost $400k apiece. and thus we can probably assume that the missile won't be the only one getting fired. Closer to home I here the MOD has developed a new missile called the civil servant, that doesn't work and can't be fired.

Talking about new vehicles, there's been the collapse of the electric vehicle firm BritishVolt with questions being asked about what went wrong. If you ask me it was probably how instead of getting in someone like James Dyson or Alan Sugar, the firm was headed up by former cricketer Ian "Beefy" Botham who with the best will in the world knows more about engineering a century at Edgbaston than car batteries. In other car news JaguarLandRover have released a new electric vehicle which I think should be called the Range Over

Concerns that Bruce Willis might be racist after he was overheard saying that he didn't recognise his own street any more.

But of course the big story this week was Nicola Sturgeon finally being forced to resign, although even today there's already talk on social media about demanding a 2nd resignation if this one doesn't work out. It is quite an achievement though that through her widespread incompetency across multiple government departments and scandals, she perhaps has done more than anyone to eradicate the possibility of the Scottish electorate voting for an independent SNP-led Scotland. Nonetheless her preferred pronouns are now was/were, and let's hope this lady is not for returning and that this is yet another nail in the coffin for the global trend towards wokery, that surely next sees Justin Trudeau kicked out of office. Given the tendencies of left wing politicians to embrace this garbage, I'm genuinely surprised hasn't let to Labour Mayor Andy Burnham trying to rename his city Themchester. Or possibly force supporters to sing songs in support of Themchester United. The Labour back benches have been remarkably silent on the downfall of sturgeon and her ridiculous campaign to enshrine it as a human right for a rapist to spent his prison sentence at a woman's prison. I did hear that Diane Abbott was described as non-binary, but then they explained it was because she's unable to count beyond 2.
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