2023 Jan 15 - News Update

A space launch in cornwall went wrong after an anomoly caused it to land in the sea. A government spokespeson was reported to say that they should have gotten Harry Kane to launch it. Whilst a North Koreak government spokesman said that the kingdom would retaliate by firing *two* rockets into the sea. A number of smug neurosurgeons looked at the dejected rocket scientists and commented that it was hardly brain surgery.

Lisa Marie Presley passed away at the age of 54. The family are reported to be All Shook Up.

68 people died in the Himalayas after a a plane crashed near the city of Pokhara in Nepal. I say 68 people although the number could be more after there were sightings of very large paw prints heading up into the mountains

Yet more grumblings from Prince Harry, talking about emotional baggage, I always thought that was an odd expression, I'd go for "griefcase" To play devil's advocate though, people are complaining about him constantly going on talk shows and interviews but if it was a choice of fly to New York to chat with Jimmy Fallon, or spend 3 days stuck in the house with Meghan I'd already be orderring the taxi. As to his next career move, I'd recommend a gig with an insurance company. you could get a no claims bonus guaranteed with Prince Harry Insurance, where it's always the other driver's fault.
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