2023 Jan 08 - Prince Harry "Spare" Book

It's a new year although that may be confusing to those who are only now just starting to receive their Christmas cards.

The new year celebrations in London included a long sequence of blue and yellow fireworks as a nod to the war in Ukraine. And I'm sure that the Ukrainian refugees watching from the banks of the Thames found the sounds of explosions and gunpowder very comforting.

Pope Francis gave a talk in which he implied that members of the mafia should be excommunicated from the catholic church, and on a completely unrelated note, the former Pope Benedict died very shortly afterwards. The grim reapear was later reported to have said he was going to see the new year in with a Benedictine

Vivian Westwood also passed away. What's that expression? About Fashionably late?

Rishi Sunak unveiled plans to make kids study maths until the age of 18. Presumably so that they can understand their byzantine gas bill calculations

Prince Harry's book has been released, in Spain at least, but the newspapers have all employed some bilingual journalists to report on all the juicy stories. There's, for instance, a section about a physical fight he had with Prince William, which would frankly have made for far better television than that rubbish on Netflix. Harry, by the way, did two tours of afghanistan and killed 25 people, yet it seems he had his lights punched out by a former retired air ambulance pilot. The book is called "Spare" although I'm waiting to see if James Hewitt releases one called "Harry and the half-blood prince" Or maybe they'll make it into a film and they can call it "When Harry met Salty'
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