2022 Dec 18 - Frosty the Snowflake

Frosty the Snowflake
Was a bitter lefty soul
With an EU flag and a Waitrose bag
And obsessed with banning coal

Frosty the Snowflake
Was a fairytale they say
He was made of snow but the Guardian know
Say how he came to life one day

There must have been some magic
In that face-mask he still wore
for when he and his mate went to visit the Tate
he glued himself right to the floor

Oh, Frosty the Snowflake
Was alive as he could be
he campaigned for more tax and made regular attacks
at the lives of you and me

He went down to the streets of town
Right to the traffic cop;
who just stood right there as the public despaired
While Frosty hollered stop!

Frosty the Snowflake
had to fly to Martinique
but as he boarded the plane he was quick to explain
I'll be back again next week

Because Frosty the Snowflake
was not the same as you and I
he was a hypocrite ass who always flew first class
so the same rules don't apply.
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