2022 Oct 23 - Rishi Sunak PM

I hear that at hospitals across the land, they’ve given up asking patients if they can remember who the prime minister is, because this last week there has been only one story: Liz Truss’s discovery that a week may be a long time in politics, but 44 days is in fact a darned short time to be Prime Minister although to give her some credit, she managed to outlast Pope John Paul I as well as Brian Clough’s management of Leeds United. Think of her like one of Henry VIII’s wives, in so much as a lot of people never actually saw here and she’ll most likely be remembered as someone who turns up in the answers at a pub quiz.

For me the game was up when I heard Penny Maudant telling the Tories to get behind Liz, because typically conservative politicians only get behind someone when they have a knife in hand. In most other lines of work, 6 weeks would be considered seasonal labor, whether it’s picking hops at a farm in Kent, being the Santa Clause at Tesco, or when a removal company in Westminster realises they need a few extra hands to deal with all the extra work they’re being asked to perform. If the next PM was forced to call an election then that would potentially mean 4 PMs in one year, at which point I think Graham Brady will have filled up his card and get a free coffee out of it.

Of course, Liz Truss’ tenure in the job does come with the one benefit that you get £100k for life assuming she’s shameless enough to claim it. What Am I talking about? She’s a politician who used to work in marketing and was also a Liberal Democrat at one point. Obviously not as dishonest though as matter, which according to physicists makes up everything.

I guess talking about well paying jobs though the people making out on all of this are the removal company that the civil service pays to shift the PMs possessions. Boris made a few references to the Roman leader Cincinnatus who stood down as leader before being asked to come back later but really at the moment number 10 seems more like the late Empire where the position is for sale, hence Rishi Sunak’s coup d’etat with him being ushered in to the sort of public enthusiasm you only normally see at a cancer diagnosis. Why Rishi even wants the job I have no clue, he’ll be out in 2 years time after all. Ah well, for now just bask in the unfolding of history, days like this only come around every few months after all.
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