2022 Sep 05 - Migrant Bussing in America

One of Princess Diana’s cars was up for sale this week. The 1985 Escort sold for £650k, as compared to Prince Andrew’s 1983 Escort who settled for £12m
Liz Truss is going to be challenging the status quo. Hopefully she’ll be challenging them to learn some new chords or release a new track.
Mikhail Gorbachev passed away. He was the first soviet leader to have been born in the USSR, and it says a lot that about soviet manufacturing that the first time they tried a soviet made leader it destroyed the country within 5 years

But talking about incompetence and people actively working to undermine the country, this week I thought we’d shine a light on how the migrant situation is playing out in America, specifically the issue of how the media and the Democrats think things are going now that they can’t blame Donald Trump for what’s going on. President Trump was of course vilified for separating families on the border and putting children in cages, although that policy started in the early days of the Obama administration when Joe Biden of all people oversaw much of the operational parts of that policy. Then Biden later became president and to his credit he’s old enough that he probably has first hand experience of the Mexican war of the 1840s. Anyway, he has continued to build pieces of border wall although the unofficial policy has been to let migrants do what they want, safe in the knowledge that it’s thousands of miles away and only affecting places like Texas where he’s never going to get any votes anyway. It’s all very very progressive and virtue signally, sitting in ivory towers in Martha’s Vineyard calling anyone who complains a racist, the same wealthy white people who call themselves progressive yet call the police when someone ethnic is seen trying to play a round of golf at their course. These are the same open-minded people who repeatedly make the profoundly racist claim that migrants are needed to do menial jobs like clean toilets or work as bellhops as if we were all still living in the deep south circa 1920.

In recent months though a fairly interesting policy change happened, when Texas and a number of other places started handing out bus tickets so that migrants could escape the supposed hell-holes of Trump country and travel to the “sanctuary cities” in the North. In the past few months, tens of thousands of people have traveled to the likes of Chicago or New York where their diversity can be celebrated and that has gone down about as well as you can imagine amongst the folks who never thought they’d actually have to back up their words with deeds.

In Washington the politicians have called for the national guard to be sent in to help, whilst in New York the policy has been to put everyone up in hotels. The cost of that was recently forecast at $300m, all while the city faces a budget crisis worse than Nicolas Cage, Dennis Rodman and Johnny Depp rolled into one. The Mayor of Chicago probably won the award for hypocrisy after calling governor Abbott racist because he sent migrants to city that has openly demanded for an open border policy. There’s so many brass necks on display that it’s a real shame they can’t sell the brass, and then use the money to fix all the problems caused by their shamelessly and equally useless covid rules from the last couple of years. As they say, it couldn’t happen to more deserving people…
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