2022 Jun 19 - Biden falls off a bike

Joe Biden fell off a bike. You can tell it’s a slow news week when that makes the news headlines every few years, you might remember when George W Bush fell off a bike, although it at least made a change from the time he fell off the wagon. Either way the stumbling mess is a perfect metaphor for an administration that seemingly decided to use the 50th anniversary of Watergate to remind Americans how great Nixon and Jimmy Carter were compared to who they get to vote for these days

In Britain it looks like there will be a summer dominated by strike action on the railways after 13 different companies voted to stay at home enjoying the weather and the BBQ. Maybe something about salaries too, who knows. For everyone else, it’s simply a case of waiting until a government minister or union leader makes a joke about there being light at the end of the tunnel. I remember one time I thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel but it was just someone with a torch coming to bring me more work.

The WHO want to rename Monkeypox on the basis that the name is racist, supposedly towards people from Africa. It’s quite astonishing because that itself is remarkably ignorant, the last time I checked, monkeys were more commonly found in Asia. Other things found in Asia include badly bioweapons labs and members of the Chinese government handing out suitcases of money if you work for the WHO.

Prince William turns 40 in a few days and the tabloids are filled to the brim with stories about him and whether 40 is the new 30 and how him and Harry don’t get on. One story I saw decided to show this relationship metaphorically with a photograph of Harry playing polo and falling off a horse. I don’t blame him though, it must be pretty difficult to ride a horse and stay balanced when you have that massive chip on your shoulder.

In other royal news, Prince Charles is going to be off on a trip to visit Rwanda. This was originally going to be to discuss climate change but will of course be overshadowed by the issue of migrant deportations although the two are of course interlinked and migrants from Africa give them their credit do tend to favour the zero-carbon transport option of making a boat out a tarpaulin and some empty water drums. The ECHR recently told Boris that they could overrule him on things despite him being an elected Prime Minister and them being some bureaucrats from a foreign country. That’s pretty much the same way that Nicola Sturgeon views things mind. The whole court decision might be a good thing mind, and give the impetus to finally remove the UK from that nonsense. Given the recent Julian Assange decision it’s clear that human rights or justice have no impact when it comes to decision making anyway.
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