2022 Jun 11 - Boris Survives

This last week finally saw the Conservative party call for a vote of no confidence and the Prime minister performed an art of escapology akin to what you would normally see in Las Vegas, to the extend that I could have see him choosing to replace Larry the Cat with 2 large white tigers. Under the terms of the party’s system, that means he’s safe in the job for another year and so for most onlookers it’s like seeing an old car where one of the doors is a different colour, somehow get past an MOT. And for the sake of metaphorical accuracy, let’s make that car an old 90s Vauxhall Cavalier, what with the word cavalier describing pretty much what went on, but also allowing a nice link to Charles I, and the topic of regicide and removing leaders.

The conservative party is quite keen on it as hobbies go, and seem to have a leadership election every couple of years in the same way that you or I might decide to buy a new laptop, in both cases it’s just easier to just get a new one that fix the old one, especially when it’s been permenantly damaged by an accident involving some wine

The Labour party have a system where it’s almost impossible to successfully challenge an incumbent leader, they tend to hang around until they lose an election, sometimes longer, which is possibly why Tony Blair remains the last Leader to have actually won any elections since Harold Wilson back in 1974. That’s a time so long ago that Rominic Raab was only 3 days old and Rishi Sunak hadn’t even been born, although he was perhaps already being listed as a company director on the books in order to hide overseas earnings.

Anyway, back to Boris, nearly 40% of his MPs voted against him although it’s genuinely hard to tell if that’s a good or a bad thing. The last Conservative leader to be removed successfully was Iain Duncan Smith who was supported by the grass roots members, all while the MPs wanted Ken Clarke in charge. Many forget that Theresa May survived her challenges and eventually resigned after the 3 meaningful votes on Brexit nonsense, a trilogy of voting that is probably up there with The Hobbit trilogy in terms of being a complete waste of everyone’s time. Comparisons could be made to Thatcher but at this point, why? We are where we are and I would probably have Boris in charge, for the simple reason that unlike many others in Parliament, he has no intention of dealing with Ukraine by placing the British Army under the command of a joint-EU defence force; he’s also not going to push for a vote on Irish Unification under the guise of Brussels rules, simply because a journalist mentioned it on Facebook; and because finally, quite frankly, he’s still a better electoral offering than anyone else on his side, let alone what the Labour Party has to offer. If Boris is a Vauxhall Cavelier, it’s still a preferable car to drive than a… (wait for it)… Kia Starmer.
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