2022 May 29 - Partygate

In the news this week

Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey in trouble again and facing 4 charges of assault. In his defense, he said that all he did was ask the young men if they wanted the part.

America has a baby food shortage at the movement which is officially being blamed on the driver shortage as well as one of the few massive factories being closed in what is a tight and regulated industry. Although if you want my 2 cents, there were none of these shortages issue until met started letting men get pregnant. Based on what the BBC seem to claim.

Talking of the BBC, there was an incident this week when a BBC News broadcast briefly displayed the text “Manchester United are Rubbish” before it was taken down and an intern presumably given the sack. I’m not sure which is the stranger part of the story: that the BBC News reported something that was true, or that they felt the need to apologise for doing so

The main story is probably Ukraine but this week the media have gone all-in on the Partygate scandal, desperate to claim the scalp of the Prime Minister for 5 main reasons [1] he went to Eton [2] he was key in making Brexit happen [3] he sometimes criticises the more extreme aspects of wokery [4] He once wrote for the Daily Telegraph [5] Most importantly, they didn’t get an invite to the party in question. If Laura Kuenssberg or Justin Webb had been asked along then they’d have at Downing Street faster than party donor in search of a peerage. In the mean time Boris has sought to change the rules about people having to resign although if he really wants to wind up the left he should team with Quincy Jones to rerelease the song “It’s my party and I’ll lie if I want to”. Sorry, it wasn’t a “party” - it was a “work meeting with refreshments” or some such rubbish. That sort of rebranding is like if someone claims that they weren’t sacked, they just suffer from “earning disabilities”
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