2022 May 22 - Monkeypox

Finland and Sweden have announced plans to join Nato so I for one want to congratulate whichever one of them it is that ends up winning the Eurovision song contest next year. Talking of which the European Broadcasting Union is apparently investigating the possibility that last week’s song contest vote was attacked by hackers, trying to influence the result. One of the key pieces of evidence in that investigation must surely be that Britain got lots of points.

There’s a story here, “Seven treated for breathing problems at Birmingham Sainsbury's” I can’t be bothered reading the article but I’m imagining they started hyperventilating after they saw the price of avocados these days

There have been continued attacks from the left against the government’s proposal to send illegal migrants to Rwanda. I saw someone interviewed on the tv saying that LGBT people would face persecution and possible death threats if they had to spend time there, which makes you wonder why they think they would fare much better in Tower Hamlets. It’s a while since I’ve seen a pride march in Whitechapel

There’s the story about Monkeypox doing the rounds. I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of May already, where’s the year gone. It’s Monkeypox season and still haven't taken down my Ukraine Decorations. Joking aside a friend of mine actually thought they'd contracted the disease but it turns out they'd just fallen asleep on a box of Maltesers after one too many glasses of wine

Australia had an election where a beleaguered and scandal hit prime minister was ousted by the Labour Party, all of which have been fairly ominous for Boris Johnson. Unless he decided to cheer up and open another case of wine. A friend of mine once used to say he never dealt with negatives either. Wonderful bloke, terrible photographer.
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