2022 Apr 10 - Rishi Sunak's Wife

The health agency NICE have said that to consider yourself healthy your waist should be less than half your height, although they failed to follow it up with a suitable explanation as to how I'm supposed to grow 14 inches

And the Prime Minister just visited Ukraine but most of the headlines have been about Rishi Sunak's wife who got caught out this week for being very wealthy and not paying any UK taxes on any of it. She's so wealthy in fact that she can afford to leave the heating turned up, but she's also from India and claims to not be domiciled in the UK in order to pay the lower Indian rate of tax. The thing is though that she lives in the UK, in Downing Street, and is married to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Just in case you missed these minor details, they're somewhat important in determining where she should be paying taxes.

Bernard Levin once wrote that anyone who paid more tax than the law requires is foolish and I largely agree, what Akshata Murty was legal and the same as what every self employed person does but ultimately it's all about public perception. Politicians cheat on their spouses with depressing regularity, but people to a special kind of umbrage to Matt Hancock having a grope with a colleague all while telling everyone they were banned from leaving the house to hold the hand of a dying relative.

The story reached what may perhaps be the end of its run with the announcement that she will be paying taxes in the UK although she will almost certainly be structuring that UK tax burden in a way to if not eliminate then at least minimise it below the likes of what most members of the public pay. This also seemed to distract from the story that Rishi Sunak himself had a US Green Card in his wallet. Perhaps there would be more of an uproar were Labour and the BBC not also up to their eyes with similar shenanigans. We've all read the stories about Gary Lineker's battle with HMRC who claim he owes $4.9m and the opposition benches constantly yield fresh stories like how even arch-communist Tony Benn's will was structured so that almost none of it went to the taxman. Perhaps then the lesson is that if we've learned anything from Tony Benn or other labour MPs or Lewis Hamilton or Jimmy Carr is that even if this story sinks Rishi Sunak's hope of being Prime Minister, he's likely got a good career ahead of him when it comes to BBC Television appearances and Christmas DVD sales.
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