2022 Apr 03 - Will Smith & Prince Andrew

Let's stop talking about the modern day Tzar in order to talk about two princes, both of whom made a spectacle of themselves this last week.

Fist of all, the Fresh Prince, Will Smith, decided to make the Oscars watchable for the first time in years after punching Chris Rock following a joke he told about Will's bald wife. I bet Will wishes he still had that memory erasing wand from the Men In Black film series. Anyway, it at least makes a change from the usual charade where several hundred attention seeking morons exchange platitudes and act like they hold the moral high ground when in truth they'd have to all run for political office to drag Hollywood's reputation any lower.

As to morals and ethics, Will Smith and Jada have an open marriage although most assumed that Jada was the slapper in that relationship but Will Smith too? I guess it shows that their marriage is open to anything, asides from jokes. The only disappointment was that Chris Rock decided to remain calm and get on with the award ceremony rather than coming back with a retort, something like "Come on Jada, keep your hair on" or possible a joke about how it was the worst thing Will Smith had done since Wild Wild West. Anyway, with expectations raised for next year it's hard to see how they'll up the ante. Perhaps one of the stars will agitate for a fight ahead of time, so that it's already trending on social media before the lights go dim. That's certainly something I'd tune in to watch, as compared to the current hypocrisy where some 2 hour long lecture in diverse wokery is proclaimed as one of history's most important pieces of cinema.

The other prince who was on the telly this last week was Prince Andrew who decided to show up to take center stage at the memorial service to Prince Phillip. It's a memorial service to his father, nobody disagreed about him attending it and it's not like anyone trusts him to be left alone unattended these days. On the other hand he also went out of his way to walk with the queen and place himself in the limelight to the extent that you almost expected him to do the talk-show rounds afterwards. Possibly an appearance on the One Show, because it's about one, because he's royalty, geddit?. Anyway, the rest of the royals were apparently livid about it, Prince Charles especially so, he had presumably begged Harry & Meghan to show up for the sole purpose of diverting attention away from their uncle. Here's one to close, What's Meghan Markle's favourite computer operating system? Windows Me.
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