2022 Feb 19 - Prince Andrew and Storm Eunice

It’s been about two years but things might be getting back to normal after all because rather than covid the main news stories have been royal gossip and "the weather"

Let's look at the first of those stories, the Prince Andrew saga, which concluded by him agreeing to settle the matter out of court and thus changing the nursery rhyme: "The Grand Old Duke of York, he had 12 million quid, he gave it to someone he never met for something he never did" In America there is a far ruder version of that rhyme where it talks about 15 million bucks. All things considered it's a real shame for the public, in part because it would have been the trial of the century and it's America so it would have been televised. The Emily Maitlis interview was great but it was too short, imagine if those internet memes and quotes and bizarre stories kept going with new twists and revelations every day. Alas it will not be the case and in a further kick in the teeth the public will be stumping up £7m for him apparently as compensatory result of him being kicked out of his grace-and-favour home at Windsor. I guess the irony is that Virginia will be getting so much taxpayer money that she'd normally be the sort of person the royals got on well with.

In other news though, Storm Eunice has been hammering the country and its at times like this that I really wish Bruce Forsythe was still alive so he could introduce the weather, “Nice to see you, to see Eunice” The story has been presented with round the clock footage of badly shot iPhone videos that viewers have sent in, although this has been topped up by armies of camera crews driving around in large diesel burning trucks, urging members of the public to use less fossil fuels. My personal favourite shot was the wind turbine that had blown over #YouHadOneJob although there's also some scary footage posted on YouTube of pilots trying to large passenger aircrafts against an 80mph sidewind. Not to be mistaken with the story about the the pilots that are three sheets to the wind. Of all the single images shown on the news, one of the more shocking ones was of the Millennium Dome or O2 Area with several roof sections missing. Well what goes around comes around I guess, now at least the owners know what it feels like “to be ripped off” (geddit).

And in other news, apparently America is sending B52s to Europe. Not sure where exactly although I like that song they do about the Love Shack
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