2022 Feb 05 - Boris Still Hanging On

China has banned smoking in schools, although I think the children are still allowed to smoke in the workplace.
Controversy over music steaming company Spotify who have decided to not cancel their controversial but wildly popular and lucrative Joe Rogan podcast. Personally speaking, I’m not into that stuff because I still get my music the old fashioned way, pirated mp3s off the internet.
This last week, February 2nd, was Groundhog Day, the folky holiday from Pennsylvania made into the brilliant Bill Murray movie about a man reliving the same 24 hours, day after day after day and that story must ring very true for the Prime Minister

Once more the papers are full of speculation about how long Boris Johnson will last in number 10. The groundhog in Punxsutawney predicted that this year there would be 6 more weeks of winter but nobody has a clue whether we’ll get six more weeks of Boris or not. This week saw the police report, Aaron Bell submitted a letter of no confidence and Downing St saw the departure of 5 close advisors, but the cabinet seem to think that it will eventually go away if they wait it out and nobody views the Labour Party as being a credibly government in waiting. At another shouting match at the dispatch box, the prime minister looked at the opposition bench and made a reference to them being like Dick Dastardly & Muttley, although that would have been a better analogy a few years ago when it was Jeremy Corbyn and his friends because you could at least make a follow up joke about the Wacky Racists.

The unfortunate thing is that if you look past the stories of suitcases of pinot grigio and birthday cakes and photographs, there is actual news if you skip past the first few pages in the newspaper. You have a possible war brewing in Eastern Europe, Brexit is once again very much in the news in Northern Ireland and apparently there are now more open food banks than branches of McDonalds. But the only real food story that apparently matters is that about whether “Carrie Antoinette” let her husband eat cake.
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