2020 Oct 26 - General News Update

Let’s look at 4 new stories and show them the same level of respect that Jeff Bezos has for workers rights or the tax authorities

First of all to Spain where they’ve issued a new curfew to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The government said that they didn’t want anyone to catch it, although they might have said that they didn’t want any Juan to catch it. I think I remember a story that the King of Spain has sequestered himself on his private jet until his Covid-19 results come back, though as the saying goes, 'the reign in Spain stays mainly on his plane' Anyway, Spain is now at around 740 deaths per million which largely means that it’s almost at a herd immunity stage anyway so I guess it will work by default and if not, then the summer is over so the hotels and bars were closing anyway: a case of the Spanish government saying heads I win tails you lose.

Looking elsewhere, in Scotland there are dozens of islands with not a single case of Covid but England has regional lockdowns right now so Nicola Sturgeon has been forced into a national lockdown in order to remain contrary. The art of contrariness and contradiction is quite a thing to behold really, like wanting to be an independent country that’s part of the EU and which is also going to be carbon neutral with everything being paid for by an oil industry. These are leaps of logic that make Alex Salmond’s legal defence look pretty reasonable and air tight. Meanwhile there’s a quote by the bishop of Paisley saying he wants a 24h covid circuit breaker put in place to prevent a “digital Christmas” so like many I feel sorry for any nephews that expecting an iPad or an XBox from Santa.

There was also a presidential debate between Mr Trump and Mr Biden which was really really good if you're fond of being underwhelmed by things. Mr Biden let slip that he's keen dismantle the oil industry but like many sequels it was a disappointment. Ultimately it seems strange that the two of them continue to sell their position to the electorate, when it's more clear every day that this election will be decided by a judges sitting in a handful of state supreme courts. There's a very good podcast called Fiasco which I'd recommend listening to, for a good reminder of how Florida played out 20 years ago.

Finally, there’s a beautiful story I read on the BBCs website which I think sums up the United Nations more than anything I’ve ever read. The story is about nuclear disarmament and the UNs attempt to band them by means of very strongly written letters. “Honduras has become the 50th country to ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons so it will now come into force in 90 days time.” The story then continues ”what it will actually achieve remains in doubt because the five recognised nuclear powers have not signed the accord” So this is essentially like when a bunch of kids at college hold a vote and then write a letter demanding that the government puts and end to war and racism and money and petrol. Actually no, that’s another story about Nicola Sturgeon.
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