2020 Oct 12 - One Month To Go Until The US Election

The other night I was watching a show on the BBC about recycling and landfill and just like a lot of other BBC programming, it was rubbish. So what has been going on?

There's a series of new lockdowns going on around the world as politicians struggle to prevent new Covid cases or in many cases use the news for self promotion. Looking at my home country of Scotland, the government announced that bars would close for 2 weeks although given that people were warned in advance and may have overdone it, I doubt many people would want to go near a bar for a few days after the ban anyway. And at the end of the day it may all just be to help the SNP avoid any new stories involving Alex Salmond meeting new friends on a night out.

Guitar Virtuoso Eddie Van Halen also died of cancer and as someone with a vast collection of vinyl I guess I was tinged with both sadness as well as the thought to put some albums up on eBay at triple the price. His wife said her "heart and soul have been shattered" before a spiritualist asked her to stop stealing Eddie's lyrics

However, the big story was that it's just a month to go until the US election and there's been new stories coming out left right and centre or as the press would rather express it, far left and far right, no centre. This week saw the vice-Presidential debate which compared to the Trump-Biden fracas was somewhat more civilised. Certainly it was refreshing to see a discussion without interruptions like the classic "stop i can't breath you're standing on my neck" which is all to often the case with arguments recorded. Pence came across a bit more professional but it doesn't really matter because the big news is that the President is alive, covid free and back on the campaign trail. Subsequent debates have been canceled because the President suspects they'll be rigged against him and he's probably right but it's probably irrelevant because he comes from the world of television and we have at least 2 major unknown plottwists between now and election day. It could go either way this time, it really could, and I'm yet to wager money on the result but I will say this much: Donald Trump is so far behind in the polls that it reminds me of the night he won the Presidency.

cartoon: trump doesn't start wars. Result, "get rid of him"
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