2020 Oct 05 - President Trump, Debate & Covid

They say that a week is a long time in politics but this last one seems to have been longer than the hold time when you try to contact the council. This week we’re talking about President Trump and one of the biggest October Surprises in election history. Maybe not the biggest, that would go to the Russians in October 1917 when Lenin decided to cancel the idea of an election and just kill people instead, a classic Russian election technique still employed to this day.

Let’s stick to America though, this last week started with an election debate that was described as a dumpster fire in which President Trump and Candidate Biden yelled at each other and over the moderator. To people watching in the UK it made for very strange viewing in so much as the braying and childishness was never interrupted by the speaker of the house shouting “order order!” Nicola Sturgeon also thought it was a disgrace because the SNP weren’t allowed a say in the debate owing to English politicians in the late 1700s, notably George III.

Skip forward a few days and on Friday the President announced that he had contracted Covid19, not to be mistaken for Maria19, which is the twitter handle of a striptease artiste living in a trailer park down the road from Mara Lago. Allegedly, hastag grab her by the cat. Anyway, at this news many on the left instantly jumped to the conclusion that he was actually fine and the whole thing was part of yet another conspiracy theory, presumably one that can be easily answered by investigating whether Robert Mueller spent the weekend putting down a deposit on another beach-house. Nonetheless, the situation did appear to be fairly serious and president apparently spent the weekend surrounded by doctors and on a cocktail of drugs, just like Joe Biden did before the first debate.

I guess we won’t know anything for sure for another week although this has been yet another news story where the supposedly compassionate socially caring types have spent 2 days wishing death and pain for the entire family and friends of someone who disagrees with their political views. The irony being of course that were the President to die then he would become a martyr and a rallying point for the next half a century, a conservative president set for a landslide re-election who was cut down in his prime as a last resort throw of the dice by the deep state conspiracy. As compared of course to if Mr Biden caught Covid, in which case the election should be delayed because it's unfair if the left don't have all the advantages they need in order to lose spectacularly.
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