2020 May 16 - Coronavirus Thoughts

Once again there's not really a huge amount of news to talk about this week but I guess that the purpose of these is to write down some thoughts that make people laugh, very much like the LibDem manifesto. So I'll try my best.

One of the stories this week that caught my eye has been talk of if and when a vaccine may be developed. Great news except for the small detail that the doctors are keen to test the vaccine on monkeys first before giving the vaccine to humans. The reason this causes me to worry is that as with most people, I've spent the past few weeks watching a lot of movies and I recently re-watched the Planet of the Apes series in which the humans all die and the monkeys take over the world. That is not a world in which I want to live, though nor is the Omega man, also starting Charlton Heston. He was in Soylent Green too wasn't he, I could live with that, as long as I stuck to the other colours. #spoileralert.

A vaccine may one day happen but don't bet on it, they never developed one for MERS or SARS so I doubt we'll see one for the Chinese virus any time soon and the truly scary part is the virus could easily mutate into something new long before the pharmaceutical companies get anywhere close to cashing in on it. Sad news indeed for both Glaxo shareholders as well as people come more at it from the angle of having empathy. Here's a good one for you: What's the difference between apathy & empathy? Don't know. Don't care.

Back to cashing in, London Transport certainly aren'y shy of cashing in on things as fast as they can, in a three part story which I initially assumed was a satirical piece: Pt1) they put out a press release encouraging some people to drive into work in order to make the trains safer for key workers Pt2) They're already in talks to get a bailout due to the lost revenue Pt3) They decide to cash in twice by upping the concession Congestion Charge to $15 in order to make sure the drivers we just mentioned are left out of pocket.

It makes your blood pressure rise really, though largely because I've been doing a fitness regime whilst listening to 1970s Prog Rock meaning that I largely stand completely still for 3 hours.
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