2020 May 10 - Coronavirus & VE Day

This week was yet another one where Coronavirus was dominating the news. By the time things finally return to normal, the Chelsea Pensioners will consist largely of their team from last season. And it's been so long since I went to the gym that I should start calling it James.

But here we are and this week saw the nation stop to commemorate VE day and the end of the second world war in Europe. Prince Charles led a 2 minute silence while Prince Andrew also joined in with his two minutes of right to remain silent. May the 8th (VE day) was also ironically the anniversary of the date that the WHO declared that smallpox had been eradicated. You would expect that a comparison of then to now would be a large story, yet here we are in 2020 with newspapers leading with the news that reality tv show Love Island will be canceled, due to Corona concerns and not because it it's the television equivalent of feeding a library into a wood chipper

The front page right now is talking about how the singer Little Richard has died at the age of 87 with many suggesting Covid is to blame rather than simply being an 87 year old person whose lifestyle had been like a hybrid of Keith Richards and Liberace. At the moment anyone who dies for whatever reason is liable to be connected to coronavirus, no matter the actual cause of death. It reminds me of when I was a child and my mother used to make sure I didn't take up smoking by regularly pointing out dead people on the television who had died young and smoked cigarettes, whether that person was Yul Brynner or John Wayne who died from Lung Cancer or JFK who occasionally smoked cigars when he wasn't travelling to Dallas.

Talking of US Presidents I also noticed that VE day was also Harry Truman's birthday and he was only a month into the job when that happened so I wonder if he initially thought all that celebrating on the television was for him?

Anyway for now I will close with the observation that VE day may have been the end of the war in Europe but the 2nd world war continued for several months later until the Japanese finally surrendered. And so here's hoping that the lockdown stuff is over by August and that life for health care workers can get back to normal, rather than having to work 20 hour shifts in order for their inclusivity manager to be able to post choreographed dance videos onto Twitter.
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