2020 May 03 - Coronavirus Month 4

Here’s a remarkable thought, four years ago if the Brexit referendum had gone the other way then this would be the final week of David Cameron’s second 5-year term as prime minister and the UK would be about to undertake a 2020 election assuming Coronavirus didn't mean it got delayed along with football season, olympics and my eventual plan to one day tidy the cupboard under the stairs. As it is, we’ve had multiple elections 2 prime ministers and the Covid thing which has probably made Dave think twice about going near a bat or more importantly a pig again, remember that story back in the day? But I digress, Dave instead spent that past 5 years inside his shed watching Amazon and listening to podcasts, in some respects I guess we’re ALL David Cameron now thanks to the lockdown. All I have to do is wait for the pub to reopen so I can leave one of my kids there.

Coronovirus thought, we’re now into month 4 of this. Ironically it’s about 4 months into a military siege that you start having to eat the wild animals and the zoo becomes a market like that one in China. The big story this week has been the moves to re-open parts of the economy, and that was a topic that Elon Musk was asked about on a conference call with investors. He proceeded to answer that question using the sort of language that would make a sailor blush, you’d think he’d save those words for when he stubbed his toe, or after he realised he left his wallet in the glove box of that car he sent into space 2 years ago as a publicity stunt.

The facts do seem to be that Sweden’s approach has been working and if you separate the New York statistics, the rest of the US actually has one of the lowest per-capita rates in the world. My guess is that there’s some kind of genetic or demographic aspect to the virus that’s being kept secret, in much the same way that most health experts on the BBC also want to keep their political leanings secret. When a doctor’s involvement in political activism is kept more confidential than the records of their patients then you can trust that interview to be about as honest as one where a child covered in chocolate where the cadbury went.

Nonetheless politicians are drawn to power in the same way that Diane Abbott is drawn towards the bakery in Tesco and this petty scramble for power never more true than with local government officials. No mayor or state governor wants to relinquish power, the economy will always come second to their heightened fame and celebrity and what we’re seeing now is what happens when mediocre people get given omnipotent powers as the country dies. If people wanted the government to destroy the economy through neglect and malice then they’d have elected Jeremy Corbyn. And yet they didn’t.
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