2020 Apr 19 - Coronavirus Again

Another week and another lack of things to talk about, most of the headlines right now are about how the US or Denmark or some other country is thinking about re-starting their economy, and listening to the vague plans being thrown around is a bit like someone discussing their vaguely plans to restart a fitness regime they abandoned back in February. Obviously it's for the best but it's also a bit tricky, maybe give it another month. Chancellor Rishi Sunak's stories and plans about restarting the British economy are like me planning to get a Jaguar: sure, yes, at some point, but it's a bit expensive and it's easier to just not do anything right now. I guess the main thing that analogy has in common is that they both involve writing unnecessarily large cheques to the loss-making British car industry, although in the case of the treasury they at least get a bulk buyers discount, remember the days when John Prescott had two cars?

Anyway, not too much else out there happening though. I did hear that Oasis had collapsed and died which was good because I was more of a Blur fan, but then I realised it was the High Street Fashion chain that they were talking about on the news. Also on the news has been the story of Captain Tom Moore a the 99yo army veteran who walked 100 lengths of his garden in a charity effort to raise money for the NHS. A lot of work for a man of his age to be doing, even the Queen was said to be impressed although she maybe doesn't understand that his garden is only a few dozen feet across, rather than several hundreds of acres. Captain Tom did raise £16m in the process though and that is very impressive, even when compared to professional fundraisers like Comic Relief. Although I would admittedly rather watch an elderly gentleman walk across his patio 100 times than watch Lenny Henry do his biennial 12 hours of standup. Makes you long for the old days when someone like Ricky Gervais or John Cleese would do a sketch even if it was just because they had a book to promote or an ex-wife to pay off. Remember when the BBC used to get comics in who had a actual red nose because they'd been in the Queens Tavern pub since 2 o'clock that afternoon.

Talking of which a friend of mine recently got pulled over in his car by the police and when he wound down the window the officer said, "sir I can smell alcohol on you breath" and he responded, "yes that's because you are not respecting social distancing" Anyway, the trial starts a week on Thursday...

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