2020 Apr 12 - Boris Goes to Hospital

Doesn't 2019 seem such a long time ago? In Britain people were talking about leaving the EU whereas nowadays people are more interested in talking about when they're going to get to leave the house. This week, yet more of the same, depressing fatality numbers while we all sit eating through the cupboards and freezer. Earlier this week the wife asked me if I wanted canapés for dinner and I thought "yum yum there must be some in the freezer to heat up in the oven" but it turned out that in fact she was talking about a can of peas in the cupboard.

Mind you most of us have had it better than Boris Johnson who spent most of the last in hospital. Unlike one of his normal visits to a hospital there was no PR blitz, in fact there was no video footage at all this time, leading many to speculate whether he actually was in a far more serious condition than he was letting on. My goodness, if you can't trust a politician to tell the truth what's the world coming to? Ultimately he's made a good recovery, let's just hope he doesn't shake hands with the medical staff when he says thank you on his way out. That'll be in a few days from now hopefully before he goes back to his usual job of surrounding himself with advisors, ministers, staff, and all the other factors that make being a politician an almost guaranteed route to catching the virus. Hanging around with 650 people in a confined House of Commons was in some respects a very silly thing to do though I guess it depends on your priorities and how you assess risk, I mean you could go out and claim that all zoos are petting zoos if you don't mind being mauled to death by a tiger.

For now though we'll just have to wait and see if the virus ultimately does take anyone important from us. A week or two back there were even rumours that the Queen or Prince Phillip may have had it. And we know that Prince Charles did get it. And there's always a risk that Prince Andrew may have breathing difficulties too, though for him it would almost certainly result from a tragic unexplained accident involving a rope.
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