2020 Apr 05 - Coronavirus News

I'm sat here, stuck in my house once more still armed with more pasta than you can shake a stick at, or at least a stick of spaghetti at. Luckily I'm doing pretty well, which I guess makes the opposite of most people's stock portfolio. But yes, welcome to April, named after the latin word "apero" meaning “second" so in this the 2nd month of the Coronavirus Crisis, what has been happening around the world?

In America president Trump's been making a couple speeches though the main news has been in the senate who are agreeing the details of a 2 trillion dollar stimulus package. The president often plays politics as if it's a continuation of his tv show and in many respects its interesting to see how he's literally upping the budget as it gets ready for the upcoming season, which is of course election season. The fact that nobody is talking about a US election with only 8 months to go is in itself one of the more startling news stories to come out the Coronavirus. I think in the last week I've read more in the newspaper about Garfield the Cat than I have about Joe Biden.

In the UK The Queen is also going to be making an address about national unity and the like, seemingly forgetting that things like "togetherness" and "working together" is probably what helped to spread the thing in the first place. But keep calm, carry on and keep washing your hands. That's the important thing, soapy water and wash your hands. It's all well and good but I'm wondering if a government health minister will tell us when we're allowed to use the shower again and clean everything else, because after 3 weeks the wife is really beginning to complain and the overpowering smell of hand sanitiser only covers up so much. That smell doesn't matter too much though because most people are now working from home, video conferencing is a wonderful thing. I do wonder how popular it will be though in a couple of weeks time though when nobody's had a haircut or had their roots retouched.

But in China they're too busy locking down the details of the official story of how we go where we are. That wet market selling pangolins and live bats was probably full of disease but it certainly didn't help that there was a biomedical research lab nearby and that several scientists in the know subsequently went "missing" - The authorities claim to have no idea where they went, while their families look for answers and the office where they kept their research notes now resembles that aisle in the supermarket that once contained paper towels, but nowadays contains nothing but floor cleaner and laundry detergent.

But for now I'll have to go, a friend of mine texted to say that he won the lottery! Oh wait, no, apparently only a few dozen people left their house to buy tickets this last week so the jackpot was only about 100 pounds
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