2020 Mar 28 - Boris & Coronavirus

It's not often you hear the left wing news media saying something positive about the Prime Minister but this week they were simply reporting that Boris had tested positive for Coronavirus and will therefore be working from home which is pretty convenient as his office, the cabinet room, is just down the hall from his bedroom anyway. You have to admire the irony of Boris having not apparently used enough Johnsons baby wipes to clean his hands, although it does show the dangers of saying things like you'd rather be dead in a ditch than shake hands with Michel Barnier who has also now tested positive for coronavirus.

The virus certainly pays no regard for class or wealth, Prince Charles also tested positive this week and seeing as the name 'corona' derives its name from the latin word for 'crown' you have wonder whether this will be the closest Charles is going to get to a crown. Nonetheless, as with the Prime Minister he's going to be working from home, though I use the word 'working' in the very loosest sense unless he's getting his staff to put ribbons across the doors of the palace for him to cut has he moves about the place.

Elsewhere what's been going on? Russia has just announced their first Coronavirus death. A man presumably by the name of Ivor Chestikov. A man was also put on trial for stealing toilet paper and when asked how he pleaded he replied "not quilty" Oh dear, it appears as if I'm trapped in the midst of a pundemic

Getting back to business I suppose, I should probably save the rest of those terrible jokes for future weeks as it seems this is going to be going on until the summer. In the mean time stay safe and try to stay optimistic. One ray of sunshine I thought was when I heard some civil servant mentioning "ration books" and I thought isn't it wonderful that in spite of the internet, enough people are still reading books that they're going to start having to ration them
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