2020 Mar 07 - Coronavirus & Biden/Bernie

Two stories to cover this week, first an update on Coronavirus, or "Covid19" as it's officially called. Don't worry if you missed the first 18th episodes though, they're probably on Netflix. Right now though things are continuing to ratchet up in terms of seriousness and do remember that when you read the official government numbers, you should double them, just as you would if you were quoted the cost of a large government project, or the number of times Prince Andrew claims to have met someone. All in all it's shaping up to be the most viral thing to come out of Asia since that Gangnam Style video a few years ago, although I'm not sure how things compare between those locked down cities in china, versus the virus infection rate of the suspiciously cheap Huawei phones that are manufactured in those cities. One bright side for travellers though may well be that if you're looking to book summer flights prices are pretty low now. Also, if you're one of the thousands of people quarantined on various cruise ships around the world, it must undoubtedly be annoying, possibly scary, but if you signed up for the open unlimited bar option, you'll be reaping the benefits. Unless it runs dry in which case that would of course be the time to panic.

The other main story of the week has been in the US where a number of candidates have finally dropped out, leaving it for the most part a 2 horse race between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders to take on President Trump. A bunch of egotistic old white men in their 70s, very much like going to a Rolling Stones gig, except that at least the Stones can guarantee a sell out crowd and you're less likely to be assaulted for wearing the t-shirts after you've left the venue. There's a lot of animosity on both sides of this debate and whoever comes out on top, we're set for a campaign in the autumn that'll be tougher than a $3 steak.

I say 'whoever' but the truth is that the Democrats, as like last time, will rig the rest of the campaign to guarantee Sanders looses, thus handing the nomination to Joe Biden. And for all the expression says "if you’re cheating then all you’re cheating is yourself" then how a friend of mine is banned from the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas?
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