2020 Feb 14 - Sajid Javid Resigns

Happy Valentines day, or for those with breathing difficulty, happy ventolins day and to those who are especially thrifty, it's just a day or two until the shops are selling chocolate at a heavily reduced price! In Westminster though it's been a bit of a Valentines Day Massacre though with Boris acting like Al Capone with a reshuffle. Actually, in that analogy, it's probably Dominic Cumming's who's the mob boss because for a Brexit-voting country that voted to get rid of unelected busybodies, the government certainly seems to like them, to the extent that I wonder if John Lewis is handing them out to any cabinet minister that signs up for its rewards store card.

Talking of people putting things on a credit card, Sajid Javid announced that he was quitting as chancellor. This came as quite a shock to most people, probably including Sajid who seems to have resigned before he was sacked for not surrounding himself with new Number 10 appointed advisors and doing what he was told. The SNP also seemed to have been caught on the back foot as they made a slamming attack on the story, conveniently leaving out the part where they just lost their top finance person too, albeit in circumstances you normally more associate with former Top Of The Pops presenters.

He certainly didn't leave because he lost interest because interest payments look set to explode over the next decade as Boris prepares to spend money on infrastructure projects, many of which will likely be named after him. Somewhat like Boris bikes or that Boris Bridge that remains as complete as Schubert's last symphony or that time I thought about losing a bit of weight. Right now I'm just a stone and a half short of my plan to lose a stone. Not to worry though because Boris has now mentioned building a bridge between the UK and Northern Ireland in the quite literal sense. Also HS2 and parliament is going to cost about £6bn to fix up over the next decade unless someone can convince Carol Smillie and Handy Andy to come out of retirement. Signing the cheques for all this will be Rishi Sunak, a former Goldman Sachs person turned MP who is now content to do the bidding of a different set of secretive overlords, and I hadn't heard of him either until today.
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