2020 Feb 01 - Brexit is Done

Well Britain is finally rid of the EU and so depending what side you're on it's either time to open some sparkling wine, or start opening up those hundreds of tins of canned food that the BBC warned you'd need to stock up on. Either way it's better than the old diet where you have nothing but Brussels and keep losing pounds, billions of them. Talking about tinned goods though, it would actually be fairly ironic if the Coronavirus became a global pandemic and the stockpiling thing turned out to have been the winning move all along. Like how Mark Wahlberg was booked on the 911 flight but took a different plane in the end. And actually, I read recently that the Duchess Of York was going to be in the twin towers that day but was running late because of an interview. Weird.

Anyway back to the subject of the EU, the UK is out, even if it took so long that Geras, the Greek god of old age has passed away. Going forward though, certainly the one thing that we'll maybe see less of now is middle class people sitting around Westminster Square with EU flags painted on their face. I always found that a strange one not least because Brexit was never so much about European countries, so much as the specific bureaucratic institution. It's a bit like if those people had painted the Lewisham Council logo on their face or worn a cape embroidered with a map of Waltham Forest singing songs about local government and how nobody was able to work in a different borough until the local government reorganisation back in the 60s

But thus ends Brexit and after 3 years, which television series finale did it turn out most like? If we'd been filming it like Cheers, I guess Nigel Farage would start to walk out the door before turning around for one one last look and flicking of the light switch. In the Game Of Thrones style Brexit ending, Boris is on the Throne and everyone knows that the years long plot about Theresa May being overseas was a waste of everyone's time. The Sopranos style ending would be a good one, you'd see Question Time start up with a panel full of remainers before it cut to black and the credits rolled. As it is, there's the US and EU trade deals to negotiate so it's probably more like Breaking Bad where the ending is pretty satisfying but there's a spin off series coming, featuring some of the same characters. I hear that it features an American tv host in a lead role, let's look forward to that then I guess.
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