2019 Nov 23 - Prince Andrew Interview

It was a quite extraordinary set of events this week after Prince Andrew decided to put an end to whispers and internet chatter by giving a full interview about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and it turned out to be probably the 2nd worst car crash in royal history. I'd go so far as to say it was actually more cringeworthy tv than that bizarre Royal Family edition of Its A Knockout that Andy and Edward conjured up back in the 80s.

If I was talking to you from a stage, I might ask anyone to put there hand up if they'd been to Pizza Express before the gig, if anyone had had enjoyed a Margarita, although there is of course nothing to suggest that Prince Andrew met any girls called Margarita, lovely Spanish sounding name as it is. Hands up anyone who fancied a pint before the show and went round to the Duke of York. Obviously that would be a pub unless the Queen or one of Prince Andrew's advisors was in the audience and was referring to an earlier meeting that day.

My favourite part of the Prince's interview was possibly the part where he denies being able to sweat, apparently due to heavy exposure to helicopters in the Fawklands, despite dozens of photos to the contrary. When he mentioned an alibi story involving Pizza Express I was also expecting him to put on a Russian accent and say that the restaurant was in Salisbury round the corner from the magnificent 123m spire.

Nonetheless, he's now been dropped by any organisation, business and charity that ever associated themselves with him which is a real shame for one reason. Namely that I enjoyed that film The Kings Speech and I always thought it might work well if they did a sequel where Prince Andrew had to fly to Uzbekistan or somewhere like that in order to deliver an especially difficult and moving powerpoint presentation. And now I guess that film will never exist.
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