2019 Oct 15 - State Opening of Parliament

I'm posting a little bit late this week but I guess that's in keeping with the overall Brexit theme this year. Just be glad I don't copy the HS2 delays and send everyone an apology by means of an invoice.

But did anything of note even happen of late? Well actually it was the Queen's Speech, perhaps you didn't notice or maybe you were too full up with turkey and red wine, oh wait no that's the other Queen's speech. This is the one where she reads out whatever Dominic Cummings hands her, which this time round included 26 government bills most of which are aspirational, seeing as even the Prime Minister's closest allies assume that most of the next year will be taken up with organising trade agreements. But then these days government bills try to make up in quantity what they lack in quality.

You'd think that parliament would be fairly popular with the leftist, green-fanatics, what with how they reuse and recycle the same costumes, year after year to the extent that parliamentary procedure now looks increasingly like a period drama, not helped by the fact that the building itself still retains its antique charm with everything from hand painted wallpaper to more serious structural things like asbestos everywhere and no doubt lead pipes if you look hard enough. Also, it's worth noting that when it comes green credentials the queen often makes a point of choosing a horse drawn carriage over something with a combustion engine but of course not, the green lot and their friends will never be satisfied. Instead we got a few hours of followup criticising every part of the day to the extent that you half expected someone to demand that the Queen try it in another language to accommodate those who don't speak english, by which I mean the sort of people who speak Flemish and ride around in a big German car. For me the most puzzling observation all day was from someone on the news commenting about government spending and they said that "cuts lead to knife violence" Surely the other way around though isn't it (If you think about it)
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