2019 Jul 27 - Boris Becomes PM

This week Boris Johnson finally achieved his lifelong ambition of becoming Prime Minister; I guess that becoming the Prime Minister is the one aspect of life where you might actually want to copy something that Theresa May has done, obviously ignore everything she did afterwards. Anyway, long before Boris had even gotten out of the car, there was of course wailing and gnashing of teeth from the media with words like "mandate" and "democracy" being bandied around shamelessly, no doubt those in the entertainment sector would prefer to have some sort of prime minister competition involving a premium rate phone number like they do on the telly. Especially if at the last minute they can change the result if they don't like it, like they do on the telly. Boris is a polarising figure mind but as long as all his ex wives and girlfriends don't live in a swing constituency, he should be ok.

Back to how we arrived there though, a lot of people banked on Theresa May stopping Brexit and they bet on the wrong horse, proving once again that the only political bet you should make is the one about what colour tie the chancellor will be wearing during the budget. Theresa was about as good at convincing people as a contestant on Big Brother trying to convince people that they'd read the original George Orwell book, or indeed any book. Big Brother is one of the weird shows where most contestants have written more books than they've read... Anyway, Boris Johnson is by no means a unifying person but in the vacuum of any substantiated policy or motivation most people are at least curious to see what he intends to do beyond the soundbites.

So on Thursday, there was an interesting set of barnstorming speeches and responses given: all drama, all shouty, all seemingly given following after a heavy night's drinking by some, at least according to the red complexions on show. The SNP leader Ian Blackford made a point about Boris having no mandate, despite Nicola Sturgeons having faced neither a contender nor vote. Gordon Brown made the same point a few days ago, seemingly forgetting about the unelected years he spent at Number 10. Maybe he's tried as hard as the rest of us to forget they ever happened. Brown is likely not the only person from Kirkcaldy with 3 years that they claim not to remember.

Oh well, let's see how the next week goes before we race to judge. One huge thing i will say about Boris is that during the 2011 London Riots, he was the one that as Mayor went out to talk to the crowds and calm the situation, whereas Home Secretary Theresa May disappeared and drove off in a Jaguar. A sign of things to come perhaps.
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