2019 Jul 13 - Sir Kim Darroch Resignation

Quite a few stories of note this week: Iran threatening to seize a British ship, the Tommy Robinson sentencing, Facebook being fined $5bn and Jeremy Corbyn's team denying accusations of antisemitism and saying the story is being concocted by a global jewish conspiracy. Plus looking at at the news there's also a new "weird health tip" that a mom in the midwest has supposedly discovered that doctors don't want you to know about. Wait no, the last of those is an advert.

Let's talk about the resignation of the UKs ambassador to America, Sir Kim Darroch. He's going to be busy looking for a job on the after dinner circuit after a news leak publicly revealed a number of less than flattering comments he'd made about the President. He's certainly not the first person to head home after a failed career in the US and it's now probably one of the few things the career diplomat has in common with Cheryl Cole. He's also one of the rare cases of being someone who's resigned from a job in Washington who wasn't previously involved in managing President Trump's finances or legal disputes.

President Trump responded to his claims of being "clumsy and inept" by going on Twitter and calling Sir Kim "a very stupid guy" although most people have missed the point when it comes to this story. The ambassador didn't resign because of his opinions, what changed was that he was left fundamentally unable to do his job, after those thoughts were made public and he was thus uninvited from the events he needed to attend in order to do his day to day job. I would say it's like a race car driver having his license taken off him for drunk driving, except those guys seem to swig back huge bottles of champagne after the race and the police never seem to breathalyse them on the way home. Another set of rules for the rich I guess...

On the other hand, perhaps Sir Kim leaked the story himself, in order to allow Theresa May to put a new ambassador in place in time to scuttle Boris' likely premiership. Let's wait and see I guess. If that's the case then I would imagine that Sir Kim might want to go down the hardware store and purchase some sandpaper, in order to familiarise himself with the map of whichever third world country Boris' new administration decides to appoint him to.
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