2019 Jul 06 - 4th of July Parade

While the UK awaits the election results in the Prime Ministerial ballot, the Democrat party in America is also in the process of choosing a leader and the US, as always, is very keen to show that it does things differently, just as it spells things differently, uses different plug sockets and turns up to world wars towards the end of them rather than at the beginning.

This week saw a bombastic 4th of July celebration in Washington DC with stealth bombers, fighter jets, fireworks and a series of a awe-inspiring stories of military daring read out by the President in a speech that carefully straddled the legal definition of "non partisan" in the same way that a book on horoscopes call themselves "non-fiction." Most people know what's going on. Nonetheless, those wishing to face the president next year have to compete with one another to oppose everything he says, good or bad and so most went out to vilify the president for paying tribute to military veterans before going on television to express how they're the one best able to oppose America values and for a party that apparently opposes the 1% they're certainly coming up with policy stances that are only popular with 1% of the population; it makes them look like the sort of person who would visit a casino roulette wheel and bet everything on blue before being corrected, assuming the owners of being white supremacists and calling it a conspiracy run by Fox News.

A British equivalent would be if Jeremy Corbyn had only gone vegan in order to distance himself from bacon sandwich eating Ed Miliband but had then gone further and run on a platform of making non-veganism a criminal offence, oblivious to the fact that even the hardline Saudi police only execute people if they've been buying pork.

Recently there was a debate where most of the candidates raised their hand when asked whether illegal migrants should get access to free healthcare, many want to abolish the border with Mexico entirely, there are those from cities who want to ban cars in rural areas, folks from the sunny deep south but on the left who because they're from Florida think it's a good idea to ban central heating systems in Michigan and Nike were recently forced to remove a shoe from sale because it featured the original US flag, on the grounds of racism despite Betsy Ross, the flag's designer, being one of the founding members of the abolitionist movement.

It is a profoundly odd thing to see a party go so out of its way to alienate the public and choose a more unelectable leader. I mean at least Theresa May went to the effort of lying about being a centrist
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