2019 Jun 22 - Boris and Jeremy Hunt

What’s been going on in the world this week? Well I could tell you all about my addiction to reading books. But that's another story. What has been going on is a round of votes to decide who will be the next leader of the Conservative Party and therefore the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The post is actually still held by Theresa May who is being about as pro-active in the legislative process as she’s been for the past 2 years: in the past week she managed to pass three times as many Brexit bills as she did last year, because 3 multiplied by 0 is still zero.

Anyway, the new PM, that choice has been whittled down by the MPs from a pool of narcissistic attention seekers to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, both of whom have been eyeing the job for years although for those who are not members of the Conservative Party, never mind parliament, the past few weeks must have been similar to an American watching the cricket world cup, but with Radio 4 rather than the dulcet tones of Test Match Special. The two candidates will now be looking forward to yet more posturing as they make their pitch to the conservative membership. If you are one of the lucky ones then I suppose you’ll be receiving your polling literature with the mail, and if you don’t read the Daily Mail then it will likely arrive with either your copy of the Telegraph or the Sainsbury's shareholder magazine. Either way, make sure that if you’re voting for Jeremy then you spell his name correctly, because he's had problems with that in the past.

Once the winner has been announced then tradition holds that the Queen will ask that person to Buckingham palace. The new Prime Minister will later sit at the table with the most powerful woman in the realm, Arlene Foster of the DUP. At which point we either have Boris deliver Brexit, or Jeremy Hunt wasting 12 months on a renegotiation, even though we already know that it will be about as productive as a liberal arts student using music to prove that some squares have 3 sides.
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