2019 Jun 15 - Iran Oil Tanker Attack

Perhaps Iran should change its name to Irate because there's trouble afoot in the Strait of Hormuz after 2 oil tankers were attacked this week although I've been out that part of the world and frankly I don't see how a fire could have burned the boat worse than the regular day to day weather.

Anyway, the US has been quick to call out Iran as the mastermind behind it all, which seems a missed opportunity. Call me old fashioned but I would have liked to see the US organise a heads of state summit to discuss it, get everyone to agree to holding it on a train and then make it the Orient Express, heading to the scene of the crime, with a lengthy reveal whereby president Trump eventually reveals that he's solved it. And by solved it I mean not the tanker thing but the overarching regional issues at state, by means of a military strike while everyone was messing around on a 19th century steam train for a month.

Of course in the real world. Iran says it "categorically rejects" US claims of it being hind the attack. Contrast that with the US perspective: that Iran is itching for a fight and it's obvious by the way that it's purposefully placed its country so close to all the American military bases in the region

I could quote some proper news here perhaps, "The blasts in one of the world's busiest oil routes comes a month after four oil tankers were attacked off the United Arab Emirates." but let's skip to the end because really this is all he-said-she-said stuff, a topic fairly familiar to the President at this stage. I will say that if this incident were to quickly escalate into full-scale war, it will only be due to the Prime Minister's resignation and the UKs paralysis that the country avoids getting sucked into World War 3. And wouldn't that be a turn up for the books, Theresa May accidentally becoming the best PM ever.
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