2019 Jun 08 - D-Day Commemorations

This week President Trump visited the UK and then headed over to France for the D-Day commemorations, personally I'd have done it the other way around: stock up with wine at the lower French prices before going to the Queen's party - are you expected to bring a bottle when you show up at the palace? Who knows, maybe he'd already bought a 40oz bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label at Duty Free when he was at the airport.

Back to the news, President Trump flew into London for the first part of his trip where the first order of business was to wind up the protestors by popping into a petrol station with his Cadillac which weighs over 6 tons and goes through petrol at an equivalent rate to an oil refinery that's caught fire, that should certainly have annoyed them. He met with the Queen, unquestionably one of the world's most respected stateswomen, as well as Theresa May, who's unlikely to represent Britain overseas in any capacity again unless she goes on I'm A Celebrity in a couple of years. Nobody really knows what chit-chat went on at the state banquet although given that she's going to be kicked out of her house in a little while from now, perhaps she asked him for property advice, given how that's his field of expertise. President Trump is go good at property, he even became a billionaire by losing money!

After the trip to Buckingham Palace, it was on to the south coast, the English Channel and then France for the 75th anniversary D-Day commemorations. It's good to see everyone paying their respects; this weekend for instance it's the UEFA Nations League, Portugal v Netherlands - in other words, none Germany's big guns! A poignant ceremony in France though, I vividly remember during the 50 year commemorations, watching the elderly WW1 veterans and realising that one day soon they would all be gone and the tens of thousands of WW2 veterans would similarly be reduced to just a handful, and so it has come to be. One day in the far and distant future I'll likely open a Sunday newspaper and read an interview with the last living survivor of the Falklands war, before turning to an Editorial about why Vladimir Putin's brain, kept alive in a in a glass jar, shouldn't be allowed to continue running for president in Russia. Oh well, more on that story in a few decades.
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