2019 May 25 - Theresa May Resigns

Well the European election results aren't officially out yet but someone who is out is Theresa May, or last she will be soon because for the first time ever, May won't finish on the 31st but in fact June 7th. For the past couple of months she's been like a party guest who refuses to leave - you know the sort, you talk about ordering a taxi and they take it as a signal to start a discussion about much better Uber is and propose opening up another bottle of red.

As I said, at the time of recording those European election results aren't out though exit polls didn't look good, certainly it's a close race between the Brexit Party's share of the popular vote and the % strength of the drink that Nigel will be raising as he toasts Mrs May's departure. Certainly, it's likely that the only way Theresa May could have come out of it well is if Diane Abbott did the counting. But this is about much more than that and ultimately her final derisory attempts at pushing through a phoney Brexit deal, including a promise to include a 2nd referendum. It's saying something when the only posters of a prime minister being purchased party members are being used to construct dartboards.

So we are left with about a fortnight for potential prime ministerial candidates to make their pitch to the electorate. Boris is the favourite, with a popular electability that saw him win in metropolitan lefty London, twice again against Ken Livingstone. He'd be an excellent candidate. Nonetheless I'm tempted to put £100 down on Jeremy Hunt, on the basis that he's the most popular Remain candidate and it will likely be a stitch up once more by people who believe that the destruction of the party is a price worth paying to remain in the EU. What's that expression in the military about how sometimes you have to destroy the village in order to save it? Oh well, at least it would lead to some funny spoonerisms by John Bercow who against the odds somehow managed to outlast Theresa. Funny how things work out.
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