2019 Apr 06 - May Asks Corbyn for Help

I was once told by a motivational speaker to stand up for what I believe in, and I wondered, "what if it's comfy chairs?" Well this week Theresa May continued to stand for nothing and show no shame as she decided to invite Jeremy Corbyn in for talks, in a similar but different manner to that in which the Ulster police used to regularly invite in Mr Corbyn's friends in for questioning. This has of course gotten nowhere because Jeremy Corbyn is ideologically opposed to both aspects of what she's asking for: [1] helping the UK remain part of an emerging federal state which has strict laws preventing everything the hard left stands for from happening [2] helping Mrs May remain prime minister, he doesn't like that at all! I imagine Jeremy Corbyn has the same desire to help the PM out as he does to go fox hunting. In the mean time, Labour have no doubt promised to back changes to the deal under the condition of reopening coal mines or renationalising the phone industry or introducing a new bank holiday to commemorate Hammas.

The whole pathetic exercise in duplicity and constitutional vandalism is largely futile because any negotiations, especially those involving Europe and trade, take years to conclude and so Theresa May trying to clobber something together in the last week or two before riding off into the sunset is like someone eating all the after eight mints before leaving half past seven, just as the guests arrive. If there was ever any chance of a good deal being struck, which there wasn't, then the government had 2 years to prepare it in and it wasted half of it by calling an election and gambling on the assumption that they'd win more seats and bribe those new MPs with ministerial salaries if they helped legislate for a brexit deal that was nothing more than a rebranding exercise. That kind of idiocy is the reason why the gene pool needs a life guard.
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