2020 Jul 04 - Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested

Ok, this week it's a bit of an unfunny subject so let's start with a crime-related joke: A young man robbed a bank wearing a suit made of many mirrors. But he turned himself in after taking some time to reflect. Luckily the judge was lenient as he saw a lot of himself in the young man.

But back to the topic at hand, Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested this week in America after an international hunt ended with the FBI showing up a a mansion in New Hampshire. She didn't own a Ford Bronco so they quickly took her to jail where she'll probably have lots to talk about with a lawyer. Ghislaine is supposedly an eye-witness to lots of crimes involving formally alive and mysteriously now dead Jeffrey Epstein and a lot of his former associates from the Clintons to Prince Andrew to Elon Musk are probably sweating now. Apart of course from Prince Andrew who is famously unable to sweat. Except of course when he's being photographed doing so.

Ghislaine has been described in the news as Epsteins former girlfriend but unlike many of his girlfriends, she's an adult and be facing some serious criminal charges relating to human trafficking and so many are suggesting that she'll cut a deal and offer up information on everything that went on. I once heard someone say that they didn't trust stairs because they were always up to something, but in this case there's an cadre of rich and powerful people likely up to something, ready to prevent any stories being revealed and that of course is why everyone is wondering how long it will be until a tragic accident occurs. Possibly in the same prison as her friend Jeffrey was staying. my betting is that the Coronavirus will be responsible this time and that a high profile court case will be yet another big event missing from our tv screens this year. Certainly the prospect of Prince Andrew being called to give evidence at a trial must make him rather glad that she wasn't arrested when she was at her other house in France, because the British Royals seem to have bad luck when they visit that country, and having watched that interview, Prince Andrew is certainly no stranger to car crashes.

But of course this is all speculation & rumour for now. Without answers or evidence it's as much use as asking what the speed of lightning would be if it didn't zigzag. Personally I'm happy to wait until the judge or the coroner make their mind up and come back with something conclusive and in the meantime if you're that interested in gossip, go online and look up the lives of Robert Maxwell's other children because they give soap operas a run for their money. I guess that Ghislane therefore had more in common with Prince Andrew and his family than you'd think.
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2020 Apr 05 - Coronavirus News

I'm sat here, stuck in my house once more still armed with more pasta than you can shake a stick at, or at least a stick of spaghetti at. Luckily I'm doing pretty well, which I guess makes the opposite of most people's stock portfolio. But yes, welcome to April, named after the latin word "apero" meaning “second" so in this the 2nd month of the Coronavirus Crisis, what has been happening around the world?

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2020 Mar 20 - Coronavirus Update

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2020 Feb 29 - Coronavirus

There's been quite a few stories about death in the news this week, first I read that the world's oldest man had died and I thought, "poor bloke, that must be the 3rd or 4th time that's happened to him in the last couple of years"

But the big story this week was the continuing escalation of the Coronavirus as it became the most viral thing to come out of Asia since that Gangnam Style youtube video a couple of years ago. The World Health Organisation upgraded the risk to "very high" and the numb ......

2020 Feb 22 - Democratic Primary

This weekend in America it's the next round of the Democratic selection process and at the time of recording, I can't tell who's going to win because predicting the future is not a superpower that I possess. And if I could have any superpower? That would probably be the Roman Empire in the 2rd century. Let's take a quick look at the 5 main candidates though

1) Joe Biden - He's the candidate that the establishment are hoping gets the nomination. He's Obama's old VP, has decades of experience, he ......