2021 Aug 29 - Charlie Watts & Afghanistan

Yet more depressing news this week after the death of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts. Apparently Mick told Keith Richards that there'd be no Charlie on the next tour and Keith asked if smack would still be allowed? For now I guess I'm still working out how many drummers have to die until Ringo becomes the best 60s drummer alive, by default. And in the mean time a brand new hearse has been ordered and they’re waiting for someone to "Paint It Black”

Film aficionados might remember the song Paint It Black from Full Metal Jacket, Stanley Kubrik’s film about Vietnam but when it comes to depressing war stories then this week we’re still talking about the shambles that is the forced withdrawal from Afghanistan. If you need a pick-me-up and ever feel useless, just remember that it took 4 presidents and 20 years and trillions of dollars to replace the Taliban with the Taliban. The situation is a literal definition for missed opportunities, up there with the last season of Game of Thrones or choosing to name that railway HS2 rather than Trainy McTrain Face.

Never mind Game of Thrones, the only TV Show on offer now of course is “I’m an Afghan Translator Get Me Outa Here” as we’ve now reached the ghoulish stage of proceedings where those who helped keep the peace are now the first on the new government’s kill-list. A list that is admittedly shorter than it was last week, although sadly for sickening and avoidable reasons. This is a Kafkaesque situation whereby the beaurocracy that lined the pockets of civilian contractors was left behind, thus providing the Taliban with a state of the art database listing the names, addresses and accomplishments of everyone that helped maintain vaguely western ideals. Ideals like being able to go to school or read Harry Potter listen to the aforementioned Rolling Stones. Ironically they might like some of the Stones' songs, like Street Fighting Man, Sympathy for the Devil or Jumping Jack Flash grenade.

So how are the woke western media covering the story? They hate the army but presumably they also dislike the taliban's views on liberal feminism. Well the Guardian has a story about how female chefs are paid less than men, there’s someone talking about the gender politics in the movie Frozen and apparently Honda’s humanoid robot ASIMO is the colour white because of racism. That’s some real oppression for you isn’t it. There was recently a story about how it is apparently wrong to be helping girls in Afghanistan because doing so maintains a mindset of colonialism and it's referenced as “white saviour complex” The thing is that if I was a 12 yo girl living in the mountains of Afghanistan I’d be pretty keen for a saviour, of any colour white or otherwise, to come and save me round about now. But what would I know, I’m a bloke and I own a car so what do I know. Perhaps those civilians are screaming out of joy, like when Taylor Swift or Justin Timberlake take to the stage. Then Justin Timberlake could sing that song with the line, “Don't be so quick to, walk away” It’s sad that an 18 year old disco song makes more sense than anything coming out the white house.
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