2021 Feb 07 - Newspaper Review

This week I was going to take a look at the headlines in the various Sunday Papers but it's all the same corona stuff about how Boris is on the road to de-mask us (damascus)

So anyway let's look at some of the other front page things

The Telegraph has a story about how Prince Charles wants to save the planet by ditching scientific jargon. He would have done better making that suggestion 25 years ago so that words like 'velocity' 'underpass' and 'blood alcohol' weren't known. He's also behind the times though, scientists stopped using terms like 'global warming' years ago, when they realised that by calling it 'climate change' they could use hot and cold or dry and wet as "evidence"

The Mail has a tribute to Captain Tom who passed away which was sad because yes he was ill but many people thought he would walk it. One of my regrets is that he didn't get promoted to Major Tom, that would have been a good laugh, especially if David Bowie was still with us. But sad news nonetheless, although at 100 not exactly unexpected. I did read that a few weeks ago a man was arrested and charged with attempted murder outside Captain Tom's home after he was seen inflating an empty crisp packet. But yes, sad news for the family, especially after they realise he left his house and everything to the NHS

The Express, Mirror People, and Star are advertising £9 off at Iceland albeit on the condition that you spent £50. That's a heck of a lot to spend at Iceland though, when they're selling frozen turkeys for £3 where are you going to store £50 worth of produce? Any how are you supposed to get to Iceland now that all international flights are canceled?

The Observer has a lead article about how EU trade is down 68% duce to Brexit, then in the detail it's revealed that number is comparing this January to January last year. Hmm, I wonder if anything else happened last year to affect trade.

But it's ok, the People have an article "Margot Robbie as you've NEVER seen her before". Well the last thing I saw her in was Scuidice Squad so perhaps they're giving away a DVD where she acts in a film with a coherent screenplay, I don't think I've seen her in something like that before. And actually, while we're on the subject of the Sunday People, it now has a tagline next to the logo saying "Proud to be independent" Which it kinda weird because I thought that was already a tagline that applied to The Independent? Maybe given what happened they should switch it to "Proud to be: in circulation" or just replace it with a note telling you which page the Hagar cartoon is located on. I'm quite a fan of Hagar the Horrible and I always thought that one of the worst editorial decisions made by the Murdoch Press was when the discontinued the Funday Times cartoon supplement. Phone hacking was bad of course but as Maude Flanders once said, "won't someone think of the children?!"

And just looking at the BBC they have a story expressing profound concern about the LibDems new stance of possibly accepting the result of the Brexit referendum, apparently they want to be Pro-EU but not a party that's going to campaign to re-join it. But with 11 MPs I doubt many people really care at this stage, they have few enough MPs that more than half of the Westminster MPs could sit down in a room without breaking the rule of 6 social distancing rules and right now their prospects will remain about as dim as the energy saving bulbs they spent the last 20 years campaigning to force on people.
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