2021 Jan 10 - Washington DC Chaos

Chaos this week in America with videos of a brawl and takeover of the capitol building that were both exciting, yet also slightly dull because normally when you see that sort of stuff happening, someone like Steven Seagal shows up. Or maybe Michael Bay is filming it so for some reason stones and rocks are suddenly flammable because physics in his world makes about as much sense as the concepts like integrity or decency in the world of Washington DC.

As to the violence and bloodshed, the main story for me has been more the fact that supposed Trump-supporting extremists have almost all been identified as hard left activists who were maybe paid to show up and undermine the president's tv reputation further, or perhaps they just like to smash things up and cause trouble. One of them was in Philadelphia a few months ago at a Black Lives Matter protest smashing up the Apple store. Who knows, maybe he thought the senate had some stuff in it worth stealing and to be honest the scenes did also remind me of those clips where you see a crowd running amok inside a Walmart or a maybe walking out of a Target store with a 60" television. Unfortunately the only things for sale in that building were the politicians who'd long since departed. But generally speaking, for all the talk of paid actors and protestors, I'm inclined to think they're more like the sort of England football fans that used to go abroad in order to get into a good fight and smash up the local taverna. The sort of idiots that heard Churchill talking about fighting them on the beaches and took that as an instruction to travel to the world cup and get arrested.

Nonetheless, there seems to be a sense by some the in 2 weeks it will all be over and the country will return to normal, or at least the definition of normal that includes being the sort of place where you can ask for a sandwich and tell the serve to substitute the bread for two pieces of friend chicken. This all seems wildly misplaced optimism on behalf of the left but wasn't it always so? If the election was indeed what they said it was then the best option would be to have an enquiry, answer all the questions, show that the result was beyond doubt and prove to the world the Mr Trump was at the end of the day a somewhat shifty businessman who lost reelection. Instead all lines of question have been shut down, people silenced, livelihoods threatened for daring to ask what in some cases are very legitimate questions. Thing like why are there videos of boxes being brought into the room after the officials and observers had finished up for the day. Why was the count trusted to a company that was donating millions of dollars to one of the two parties involved.

Apparently you're dangerous or racist if you don't accept everything you're told and those lines of question have thus been shut down faster than Jamie Oliver restaurants or branches of K-Mart depending on what side of the pond you want your analogy from. The end result of the censorship and media blackout is that Donald Trump is being actively transformed into not a failure but a martyred man of the people, like some kind of rightwing Bobby Kennedy. The one thing you'd think people would learn by now is that if you want to stop a conspiracy theory the last thing you want to probably do is ban people from mentioning it: that's about as effective as trying to shovel water with a pitchfork. Thus in 20 or even 50 years a solid chunk of the population will still mention that time when the media and the state had no option but to rig an election because it was the only conceivable way they could defeat Donald Trump because he was just too popular to defeat any other way. And personally speaking, I'd probably side with that theory if only because like I said the media have been so suspiciously keen to shut down and ridicule the debate.
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