2020 Nov 22 - Covid Update

I’m back this week after a last minute arranged little holiday before yet more lockdowns, so I guess in some respects I was learning from Rishi Sunak’s example of running up the credit card. Or possibly Kier Starmer’s example of spending a week not really doing any work. Or Boris’ for that matter. He’s supposedly on a new exercise regime following his Covid scare but given his work ethic I wonder if it mostly involves doing diddly-squats.

Mind you, of all the potential holidays going on I was intrigued by the one that Mo Farah is taking, he’s a contestant on that I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here show. I’m looking forward to the episode where he goes on a bushtucker trial and has to face his greatest fear, a surprise drugs test from the IOC. It’s a pretty nice setup they all have though, dinner made of bugs and worms and the like which must mean that ITV shelled out to get Heston Blumenthal to do the cooking.

In the mean time I guess the big story has been the move towards a Covid vaccine with a couple coming to market soon. Pfizer claim a 95% effectiveness and the Russian’s have been talking about how they have their own version which at 90% effective makes it more reliable than their Novichok which continues to annoy yet not kill Vladimir's political opponents. Nonetheless, it’s good news for pharmaceutical companies with governments all over the world set to buy hundreds of millions of doses. I say “all across the world” - I of course mean specifically Europe and America: wealthy places, seeing as how the quoted figure is $20 per dose, that’s almost as bad a glass of wine in a London restaurant. If such places were open.

I guess the one story this week that reassures me that the world is kind of the same as it was last year was that once again everyone’s arguing over the BBC’s decision to censor the song “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues, because of a line where Kirsty MacColl accuses Shane of being a bundle of sticks. I guess it could be worse, they’ve presumably not spotted and thus taken offense at the word ‘fairy’ in the the title. Be prepared next year for “Alternative Lifestyle of New York” presumably sung by the cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys and all about as entertaining as watching someone die from Covid.

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